Mon, 07 Mar 2005

Thoughts for my next Burning Man visit

Remember to drink water before going to bed. A couple nights I didn't and woke up with a very dry, uncomfortable mouth.

Bring more costumes! Also, more playa-wear. Even jean shorts without a shirt felt a bit pedestrian at times. The loincloth worked well. Sarongs?

Go shirtless earlier in the week. My forearms tanned more rapidly than my back and shoulders, meaning that I had to deal with sunscreen over a longer period of time.

Either get sunglasses or a pair of goggles that fit my face better. I don't normally wear sunglasses, but the sun on the playa was bright.

Bring more food. Most sites said I'd eat less than normal when I went out there. I ate more. (Probably as a result of being very active and walking a lot.)

Relatedly, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are simple to make and reasonably non-perishable. Would make good lunches. I should still bring power bars for portable lunches away from camp.

Cereal is good for breakfast, though I don't like eating it dry. UHT milk needs to be referigerated after opening. Does Rice Dream?

Get a bike. I liked walking everywhere, and I walked a lot, but bikes are a faster means of going places.

Phil! Gold