Thu, 04 Dec 2014

The Best Android Apps of 2014

(According to /r/Android.)

Google recently came out with a "Best Apps of 2014" list. It was not well received, with many people feeling that the majority of apps present were there because Google was making money from them, not because they actually deserved to be on such a list. Consequently, the Android subreddit attempted to compile its own list. This post is my attempt to collect the most highly-voted submissions on that /r/Android post.

What follows are the 35 top apps, based on Reddit's "best" sorting algorithm. If I have time, I'll add more to the list later.


Gives you root on your system.


SSH client with optional cloud syncing and other features.


TV episode (and movie) watching management. Tracks things you've seen, tells you about upcoming things. Syncs with trakt or tvtag.

Pocket Casts

Podcasting app. "Buy it for the hilarious changelogs, stay for the awesome Podcast App."


Album app. Browse, display, and select images on your device.

Nova Launcher

Alternate home screen. Very customizable.


Manage your device from your desktop or laptop web browser over the network. You can transfer files, send and receive SMS messages, see notifications, and generally fully control your Android device.


Easily send information between your device and desktop computer. Serves as both a cross-device notification system (e.g. see your Android notifications on your desktop) and a data sharing system (e.g. send a URL from your laptop to your phone).


Take photos of documents with your phone and turn them into PDFs.


General-purpose automation for your Android device.

Moon+ Reader

Ebook reader.


Fitness app for tracking your running and bicycling.

Today Calendar

Material-designed calendar app.


Material-designed SMS app.

ES File Explorer

File management app.


Game. The gameplay's a little difficult to describe. You control two objects that rotate in sync around the same point and you have to move them to avoid obstacles.

Sleep as Android

Sleep tracker and sleep-cycle-aware alarm clock.


Synchronizes device data with a Microsoft Exchange Server.


Very customizable, multi-featured, and good looking clock app. Has a clock, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch.

Reddit Sync

Reddit client with a card UI.


Encrypted messaging app.


Security program. Lets you track, manage, and even wipe your device remotely in case it's lost or stolen.


Traffic-aware GPS routing and navigation.


Sync local folders to various cloud storage providers.


Short for "If This Then That". Android client for the IFTTT web service. IFTTT hooks into a lot of other sites (and your Android device) and lets you set up triggers so if something happens in one place, it causes something else to happen in another. (e.g. if it's going to rain, it can have your phone pop up a notification to take an umbrella when you leave the house.)


Kind of the reverse of AirDroid. Lets you manage your desktop computer from your phone.


Android device automation, similar to Tasker. (Or Tasker is similar to Llama. Plugins for either will work with both.)


Offline maps. Not available in the Play Store, so you have to sideload it.


Client for the Plex Media Server.


Shows notifications while the phone is locked. Detects when you pull your phone out of your pocket and turns on the screen to show your notifications. Similar in concept to the Moto X's Active Display.


Reddit client.

Morning Routine

Alarm clock that lets you define a sequence of steps necessary to turn off the alarm. The idea is that you encode your entire morning routine into it, which makes sure you're awake by the end and makes sure you do everything you're supposed to.


Journey planning app, including transit, auto, foot, bike, and taxi. Only for specifically-supported cities.

Sunrise Calendar

Calendar app.

Xposed Framework

Framework for installing Xposed modules. Each module patches some aspect of the running system in order to change it. There are modules for all sorts of things, from working around Android bugs to adding cosmetic tweaks to making stock Android behave like a custom ROM. Root required. Must be sideloaded, since it's not in the Play store.

Solid Explorer

File manager.

Phil! Gold