Mon, 07 Mar 2005

Godzilla vs. Mito Komon

A few years ago I came into posession of a video entitled "Godzilla vs. Mito Komon". Most people, I suspect, have heard of Godzilla, but not necessarily Mito Komon. Mito Komon was both the title and star of a very long-running Japanese TV show set in 17th century Japan.

The video itself was apparently done by an art student as a project. He wrote the script, directed the film, and acted all of the parts (including Godzilla, Great Majin, and several high-voltage electrical towers). I have been unable to find out who did the fansubbing.

Since I haven't found anyplace else to get it, I've put together a torrent of the video. Behold, Godzilla vs. Mito Komon.

Phil! Gold