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GNU screen [commands:screen]


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-mmUqB4 <a href=";>qqoayetnotay</a>, [url=]aykjsvxiyyzl[/url], [link=]htpyabrllbtb[/link], screen ====== 
 +===== Default Keybindings ===== 
 + * ''C-a c'' 
 +  * ''C-a C-c'' 
 +===== Syntax ===== 
 +  * ''**screen** [//-opts//] [//n//] [//cmd// [//args//]]'' 
 +===== Description ===== 
 +Establish a new window. The flow-control [[man:command-line options]] 
 +(''-f'', ''-fn'' and ''-fa''), title (a.k.a.) option (''-t''), login 
 +options (''-l'' and ''-ln'') , terminal type option (''-T //&lt;term>//''), 
 +the all-capability-flag (''-a'') and scrollback option (''-h //<num>//'') 
 +may be specified with each command. The option (''-M'') turns [[monitor|monitoring]
 +on for this window.  The option (''-L'') turns [[log|output logging]] on for this 
 +window.  If an optional number //n// in the range 0..MAXWIN-1 is given, 
 +the window number //n// is assigned to the newly created window (or, if 
 +this number is already in use, the next available number). If a command 
 +is specified after ''screen'', this command (with the given arguments) is 
 +started in the window; otherwise, a shell is created. 
 +Note that, unlike previous versions of ''screen'', no additional default 
 +window is created when ''screen'' commands are included in your .screenrc 
 +file.  When the initialization is completed, screen switches to the last 
 +window specified in your .screenrc file or, if none, opens a default 
 +window #0. 
 +''screen'' has built in some functionality of ''cu'' and ''telnet''.  See 
 +also chapter [[man:Window Types]]. 
 +===== Examples ===== 
 +If your ".screenrc" contains the lines 
 +# example for .screenrc: 
 +screen 1 
 +screen -fn -t foobar -L 2 telnet foobar 
 +''screen'' creates a shell window (in window #1) and a window with a 
 +TELNET connection to the machine "foobar" (with no flow-control using the 
 +title "foobar" in window #2) and will write a logfile ("screenlog.2") of 
 +the telnet session. 
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +  * [[:Window Management]] 
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