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GNU screen [screen_concepts]


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===== screen Concepts ===== ===== screen Concepts =====
-Or, what sort of things you can do with screen.+Or, what sort of things you can do with screen and the commands that control them.
-Please don't create these nodes yet.  I'm not sure what I want the names to be, ultimately. +  * [[Multiuser]] - Allowing multiple users on a system to interact with a single ''screen'' instance. 
- +  * [[Monitoring]] - Letting ''screen'' monitor your windows for interesting behavior. 
-  * [[multiuser]] (multiuser, acl*, defwritelock, su) +  * [[Terminal]] - How ''screen'' interacts with terminals, and how programs interact with ''screen'''s virtual terminal. 
-  * [[monitoring]] (activity, silence, monitor, defmonitor, defsilence, silencewait) +  * [[Appearance]] - Controlling how ''screen'' looks and communicates with the user. 
-  * [[terminal]] (allpartial, altscreen, bce, c1, charset, defbce, defbreaktype, defc1, defcharset, defflow, defgr, defencoding, defnonblock, defutf8, defwrap, dumptermcap, encoding, flow, gr, nonblock, dinfo, partial, printcmd, reset, term, termcap, terminfo, termcapinfo, utf8, wrap, zmodem) +  * [[Interface]] - Controlling how the user communicates with ''screen''. 
-  * [[appearance]] (attrcolor, autonuke, bell_msg, caption, clear, defautonuke, defhstatus, echo, fit, height, info, license, nethack, hardstatus, hstatus, lastmsg, msgminwait, msgwait, sorendition, startup_message, time, vbell, vbell_msg, vbellwait, version, wall, width) +  * [[Text Exchange]] - How ''screen'' can facilitate text exchange among programs, files, and ''screen'' itself. 
-  * [[interface]] (bind, bindkey, digraph, help, mapdefault, mapnotnext, maptimeout, markkeys, escape, meta, process, stuff, xoff, xon) +  * [[Window Management]] - Managing windows in ''screen''. 
-  * [[text exchange]] (bufferfile, copy, crlf, deflog, defescape, defscrollback, defslowpaste, ignorecase, log, logfile, defobuflimit, hardcopy, hardcopy_append, hardcopydir, logtstamp, obuflimit, paste, pastefont, readbuf, readreg, register, removebuf, scrollback, slowpaste, writebuf) +  * [[Region Management]] - Managing regions in the display. 
-  * [[window management]] (next, at, blanker, blankerprg, lockscreen, deflogin, defmode, defzombie, idle, kill, login, maxwin, number, other, pow_break, redisplay, screen, select, shelltitle, verbose, windowlist, windows, zombie, defzombie) +  * [[Misc]] - Everything else.
-  * [[region management]] (focus, only, remove, resize, split) +
-  * [[misc]] (backtick, chdir, colon, command, compacthist, console, debug, defshell, exec, detach, displays, eval, history, password, pow_detach, pow_detach_msg, quit, sessionname, setenv, setsid, shell, sleep, source, suspend, unsetenv)+
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