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GNU screen [screen_concepts]


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Or, what sort of things you can do with screen and the commands that control them. Or, what sort of things you can do with screen and the commands that control them.
-  * [[multiuser]] (multiuser, acl*, defwritelock, su) +  * [[Multiuser]] - Allowing multiple users on a system to interact with a single ''screen'' instance. 
-  * [[monitoring]] (activity, silence, monitor, defmonitor, defsilence, silencewait) +  * [[Monitoring]] - Letting ''screen'' monitor your windows for interesting behavior. 
-  * [[terminal]] (allpartial, altscreen, bce, c1, charset, defbce, defbreaktype, defc1, defcharset, defflow, defgr, defencoding, defnonblock, defutf8, defwrap, dumptermcap, encoding, flow, gr, nonblock, dinfo, partial, printcmd, reset, term, termcap, terminfo, termcapinfo, utf8, wrap, zmodem) +  * [[Terminal]] - How ''screen'' interacts with terminals, and how programs interact with ''screen'''s virtual terminal. 
-  * [[appearance]] (attrcolor, autonuke, bell_msg, caption, clear, defautonuke, defhstatus, echo, fit, height, info, license, nethack, hardstatus, hstatus, lastmsg, msgminwait, msgwait, sorendition, startup_message, time, vbell, vbell_msg, vbellwait, version, wall, width) +  * [[Appearance]] - Controlling how ''screen'' looks and communicates with the user. 
-  * [[interface]] (bind, bindkey, digraph, help, mapdefault, mapnotnext, maptimeout, markkeys, escape, meta, process, stuff, xoff, xon) +  * [[Interface]] - Controlling how the user communicates with ''screen''. 
-  * [[text exchange]] (bufferfile, copy, crlf, deflog, defescape, defscrollback, defslowpaste, ignorecase, log, logfile, defobuflimit, hardcopy, hardcopy_append, hardcopydir, logtstamp, obuflimit, paste, pastefont, readbuf, readreg, register, removebuf, scrollback, slowpaste, writebuf) +  * [[Text Exchange]] - How ''screen'' can facilitate text exchange among programs, files, and ''screen'' itself. 
-  * [[window management]] (next, at, blanker, blankerprg, lockscreen, deflogin, defmode, defzombie, idle, kill, login, maxwin, number, other, pow_break, redisplay, screen, select, shelltitle, verbose, windowlist, windows, zombie, defzombie) +  * [[Window Management]] - Managing windows in ''screen''. 
-  * [[region management]] (focus, only, remove, resize, split) +  * [[Region Management]] - Managing regions in the display. 
-  * [[misc]] (backtick, chdir, colon, command, compacthist, console, debug, defshell, exec, detach, displays, eval, history, password, pow_detach, pow_detach_msg, quit, sessionname, setenv, setsid, shell, sleep, source, suspend, unsetenv)+  * [[Misc]] - Everything else.
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