Yet another Terry Pratchett book.  Specifically, another City Watch book, though much of this one takes place in Überwald.  No witches are visible, though there are plenty of werewolves, dwarves, vampires, and Igors.

There is, as usual, a good story.  Being a City Watch book, it’s largely a detective story, with the details swirling around the coronation of a new dwarven king, a very revered piece of dwarf bread, and the politics of the region, including the involvement of Sergeant Angua’s parents.  And, of course, plenty of very funny bits; Pratchett has a tendency to make me laugh out loud while on the bus.

I had worried that Terry Pratchett was losing his plain humor in being overly satirical, but The Fifth Elephant is merely a funny, well-told story with satirical elements running through some of the details.  (Well, “politics” is a pretty big detail, but still…)

Yet another Terry Pratchett book I’m happy to add to my collection.