Yeah, I haven’t even finished with my entry for Burning Man this year, but this PDF entry should be a bit shorter, so my lazy butt is doing it first.

This PDF was a bit different from previous ones, both in general and for me specifically.  A lot of the planning for it happened at close to the last minute, but everything did manage to come together in time for the event.  I also left my planning to the last minute, but I’m familiar enough with my camping gear that I can toss everything together pretty quickly.

I was only there from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon; I worked on Friday and Monday.  While I had arranged for a ride to PDF, I hadn’t found one back on Sunday, a situation I will not allow again.  It was simply too stressful looking for a ride on Sunday afternoon with the prospect of possibly having to call in to work and say I couldn’t make it in on Monday.

Aside from that, the weekend was beautiful.  This was a much more mellow burn than even previous Fall burns.  At other times, I’ve had the feeling of a very active burn—go and do stuff and experience things.  At this one, people set up their camps and proceeded to just hang out.  I had a moment late Sunday morning where I just looked around the site and was nearly overwhelmed by how beautiful everything was.  I felt forced to lay down and rest, for fear that I might explode with happiness.

I didn’t really do a whole lot over the weekend.  I hung out at the Gold Bar, a pastime I can easily recommend to others.  I rangered a bit.  I hung out at Primal Phred.  I watched the main burn.  I hung out in the pavilion.  I had a great weekend with my friends.

And I made Jill very happy by finally consenting to a body shot.  Yes, Jill has drunk a mudslide from my navel.  She seems, oh, slightly pleased about it.

I’m very happy to have gone, even if for but a scant twenty-four hours.