This is a thing, apparently: “Take knife from pocket, post pic on the internet.”

Myerchin Lightknife
My main knife, and the one that best matches the intent of the meme, I think, is a Myerchin Lightknife L377P, which they apparently don’t sell anymore.  It’s a very nice, light, compact knife, with a multipurpose half-straight half-serrated blade; a marlinspike, which is useful for knot- and ropework; and a small red LED, which is nice for seeing things without ruining your night vision.  I use the marlinspike a lot less these days, because I don’t do as much decorative knotwork, but it’s still occasionally useful.

The knife was a Christmas gift from my dad and stepmother a number of years ago.  (Possibly 2004 or so.)  I’d been thinking about replacing my at-the-time pocket knife, something from Spyderco, with a lighter, more compact knife, when I read a Cool Tools review of the Myerchin L377P.  It sounded like it would do everything I wanted and more, so I made a Christmas request and then got what I asked for.

Brookstone Credit Card Multi-tool
The Myerchin isn’t the only knife that meets the letter of the meme’s wording, though.  I also have a credit-card-shaped multitool from Brookstone in my wallet.  I use it mostly for its tweezers, but its pen, needle, scissors, and knife blade are also occasionally useful.

Victorinox CyberTool
A knife I also usually have on me is my Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool.  Technically, it lives in my laptop bag, not my pocket, but I usually have the bag with me.  It’s very useful for dealing with all sorts of small-scale hardware, because it’s got the screwdriver with interchangeable phillips, flat, and torx bits, plus the small pliers (which also include a wire cutter).

This was a birthday gift from my parents back in 2000 or so.  It replaced my previous everyday knife, a Swiss Army Automobile Special, which had also been a birthday gift from my parents.  Victorinox had just come out with the CyberTool and I’d been working for a couple of years in a hardware and software tech support position, so I let my parents know I was really interested in the new knife.  More than ten years later, it’s still serving me well.

CRKT Rollock
The last knife that I usually have on me (also in my laptop bag) is a Columbia River Knife & Tool Rollock, which doesn’t appear to be for sale anymore.  It’s got an interesting opening mechanism; instead of unfolding, the blade flips up a little and slides out of the body, locking into place at its fullest extent.  It’s mostly in my laptop bag because it’s very slim, so it doesn’t take up much extra room and it’s handy if I’ve forgotten my Myerchin somewhere.  Because it’s got a completely straight blade, it’s less of a pain to sharpen than the Myerchin, so it’s usually the sharpest knife I have on me, which sometimes means I use it instead of the Myerchin even if I have both with me.

This one was a gift from my youngest sister at her wedding as thanks for being a groomsman and playing trumpet in the wedding.