In the interests of better site availability and less Comcast AUP-breaking, I’ve finally gotten around to outsourcing my website hosting.  I’m currently at, a webhost committed to the twin goals of free speech and affordable web hosting.

How free is their speech?  Read their Abuse page:

“A NearlyFreeSpeech.NET member site is defaming me or otherwise injuring me civilly.”

Please forward a copy of your legal finding from a court of competent jurisdiction to our contact address. If you have not yet obtained such a finding, a preliminary injunction or court order is also sufficient.

If you are not able to obtain the above, you will need to work directly with the site operator to resolve your differences. We will have to fall back on our members’ contractual assertion that the content they upload is legitimate and therefore we will not be able to get involved

How affordable is their hosting?  You pay only for the bandwidth and storage that you actually use: $1 per gigabyte of bandwidth and $0.01 per megabyte-month of storage.  (Plus the bandwidth cost goes down the more you use.)

They support a variety of CGI scripting languages, including C, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.  Oh, but also Fortran, Tcl, Lisp, Scheme, OCaml, and Haskell.

We’ll see how it goes, but I think I’ll like it here.