Well, Otakon 2003 is over.  Lots of good stuff there; I suspect most people had a good time.  I managed to see “Otaku no Video” (finally), Mystery Anime Theater 3000, the AMV contest (easily my favorite part of the con), and the T.M. Revolution concert.

Oh, and the dealer’s room.  I picked up Princess Prince, a plush Nyarlathotep, a plush Kuro Neko-sama (that one was a gift), a small pin with Utena on it, and another pin with Ryo-Ohki.

Had fun at the raves, spinning glowsticks.  There were a couple other people there who were quite good.  I talked with them a bit over the course of the evenings, not that I remember their names now, of course.  One showed me an interesting variant on the weave that he called a hyper loop.  Has to be done with shorter strings/chains, as it has a component that’s between the arms, in front of the body.  Is also quite tricky.  Will have to play with it and see if I can duplicate the thing.  I think it might work with fire, too, though certainly with much practice beforehand.

I again enjoyed working the con.  Security (correction: “Special Operations”) was again much work, though the work was generally rewarding.  Got to talk to lots of people, and no severe problems occurred that I had to deal with.

And now it’s back to the real world.  Work today, followed by a trip home (where I haven’t been since before work last Thursday).  With luck, I’ll have time to start grabbing copies of the AMVs I liked before I fall asleep.