I was doing a bit of browsing today and ran across several websites that I figured I’d record for later reference.

  • BookCrossing – pass books around to people, record your thoughts about received books on the website.
  • The Online Books Page – listing of over twenty thousand books freely available on the web.
  • Internet Book List – looks like an attempt to create an IMDB for books.  Good idea, only ten thousand books so far.  And no ISBN search.  Compare to All Consuming and…
  • Internet Speculative Fiction Database – more or less the same thing, but aimed specifically at SF.  Includes information on what awards books have participated in.  Didn’t see any good way to search by ISBN.
  • The Library of Babel: Links – one blogger’s collection of other blogs that deal with books (though the collection is, of course, incomplete).
  • BookSpot.com – didn’t really look around this site all that much, and the appearance seems a little too corporate for my tastes.  Still, might be useful.