…but who’s surprised?

Bus stop for the 31 at Howard St. and Lombard St.  The 31 schedule was changed on February 1st, sixteen days ago.  Announcements were made, new schedules drawn up, and so on.  The scheduls at the stop is still the one from September of last year.

Convention Center Light Rail stop.  The double tracking message board has two items.  The lefthand one describes the change back to two light rail lines, effective as of February 1st, 2004.  The righthand one has a diagram of the three lines.  On the opposite side of the board is a schedule from 2002 that predates any of the double track changes and is, of course, wildly incorrect.  Not sure whether the presence of dates on the three documents offset the fact that they all convey conflicting information, especially to readers that don’t look closely enough to compare the dates.