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  • at [identifier][#|*|%] command [args … ]


Execute a command at other displays or windows as if it had been entered there. at changes the context (the “current window” or “current display” setting) of the command. If the first parameter describes a non-unique context, the command will be executed multiple times. If the first parameter is of the form “identifier*” then identifier is matched against user names and the command is executed once for each display of the selected user(s). If the first parameter is of the form “identifier%” then identifier is matched against displays. Displays are named after the ttys they attach. The prefix “/dev/” or “/dev/tty” may be omitted from the identifier. If identifier has a '#' or nothing appended it is matched against window numbers and titles. Omitting an identifier in front of the '#', '*' or '%' character selects all users, displays or windows because a prefix-match is performed. Note that on the affected display(s) a short message will describe what happened. Permission is checked for initiator of the at command, not for the owners of the affected display(s). Note that the '#' character works as a comment introducer when it is preceded by whitespace. This can be escaped by prefixing a '\'.

Caveat: When matching against windows, the command is executed at least once per window. Commands that change the internal arrangement of windows (like other) may be called again. In shared windows the command will be repeated for each attached display. Beware, when issuing toggle commands like login! Some commands (e.g. process) require that a display is associated with the target windows. These commands may not work correctly under at looping over windows.


  • at "title#" stuff "ls^M"
    • send and execute (^M enables the execution of the ls command) the ls command to all the windows whose title begin with title

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