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Default Keybindings

  • C-a ] (bound to paste .)


  • paste [registers [dest_reg]]


Write the (concatenated) contents of the specified registers to the stdin queue of the current window. The register '.' is treated as the paste buffer. If no parameter is given the user is prompted for a single register to paste. The paste buffer can be filled with the copy, history and readbuf commands. Other registers can be filled with the register, readreg and paste commands. If paste is called with a second argument, the contents of the specified registers are pasted into the named destination register rather than the window. If '.' is used as the second argument, the display's paste buffer is the destination. Note that paste uses a wide variety of resources: Whenever a second argument is specified no current window is needed. When the source specification only contains registers (not the paste buffer) then there need not be a current display (terminal attached), as the registers are a global resource. The paste buffer exists once for every user.


None yet.

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