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This page is for suggestions. If you have an idea for the site, please add it to the list below.

A code walkthrough would be cool.

Some tutorial/discussion on screen v.s. ssh (more specifically, ssh-key-ring/agent) interaction.

Finish documentation

I need to finish writing out the documentation for the screen commands. <PMG>

Discussion of how to set up bash/tcsh autocompletion of attachable screen sessions

I saw a reference ( that bash would autocomplete screen sessionnames, as in

      guest@zanzibar:~$ screen -list
      There are screens on:
      2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-guest.
      guest@zanzibar:~$ screen -r b<TAB>

where hitting the TAB key at <TAB> above would complete “b” to “bar”. But it doesn't work on my system. A code snippet for the .bashrc and/or .tcshrc files would be great!

Launch processes in a screen session on system startup

I've almost got this working on a FreeBSD system except for the terminal type. Everything gets started, but only in B&W.

The screen is for user bongo. First I wrote a script to start screen on system startup.

if [ "$1" = "start" ]; then
    su -l bongo -c "/usr/local/bin/screen -c /usr/local/etc/bongo_screen.conf -d -m"
    echo -n "bongo_screen "

Then I wrote the screen configuration file to launch the applications necessary.

term xterm
screen -t app_1 /usr/local/bin/app_1 app_1_options
screen /usr/local/bin/app_2

The first line got me closest to the proper terminal type. The second line starts app_1 and names the screen “app_1”. The third line starts app_2. The fourth line just starts a shell.

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