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Default Keybindings

  • C-a " (bound to windowlist -b)


  • windowlist [-b|-m]
  • windowlist string [string]
  • windowlist title [title]


Choose from a tabular list of windows. Select a desired window via the standard movement keys (see the copy command). Activate it with the return key. Give the -b option to switch screen to include the current window in the displayed list. Option -m orders the list to be by most-recently-used window rather than window number.

Change the table format with the string and title options. The title displays as table heading and the lines use the string setting. The default setting is “Num Name%=Flags” for the title and “%3n %t%=%f” for the lines. See the String Escapes chapter for more codes (e.g. color settings).


None yet.

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