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  • backtick id lifespan autorefresh cmd args…
  • backtick id


Program the backtick command with the numerical id id. The output of such a command is used for substitution of the %` string escape. The specified lifespan is the number of seconds the output is considered valid. After this time, the command is run again if a corresponding string escape is encountered. The autorefresh parameter triggers an automatic refresh for caption and hardstatus strings after the specified number of seconds. Only the last line of output is used for substitution.

If both the lifespan and the autorefresh parameters are zero, the backtick program is expected to stay in the background and generate output once in a while. In this case, the command is executed right away and screen stores the last line of output. If a new line gets printed, screen will automatically refresh the hardstatus or the captions.

The second form of the command deletes the backtick command with the numerical id id.


  backtick 1 5 5 echo example
  caption always "this is an %1`"

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