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Default Keybindings

  • C-a ' (bound to select)
  • C-a 0 (bound to select 0)
  • C-a 9 (bound to select 9)
  • C-a - (bound to select -)


  • select [window-id]


Switch to the window identified by window-id. This can be a prefix of a window title (alphanumeric window name) or a window number. The parameter is optional and if omitted, you get prompted for an identifier. When a new window is established, the first available number is assigned to this window. Thus, the first window can be activated by “select 0”. The number of windows is limited at compile-time by the MAXWIN configuration parameter. There are two special window-ids: - selects the internal blank window and . selects the current window. The latter is useful if used with screen's -X option.


None yet.

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