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Things that need to be documented before the 4.1.0 release

While there are a few critical bugs remaining to be fixed, they're relatively small or straightforward. The single largest task remaining to be done before 4.1.0 can be released, is to bring the documentation up-to-speed with the new features and changes that have gone into screen since the previous release. This page is an attempt to identify and track the subtasks needed to accomplish this.

As documentation is added for these items, please update the status accordingly, so we can continue to track the remaining work.

This document is based primarily on what's in the texinfo documentation. Please provide updates for both the texinfo and manpage manuals.

Note: if you would like to work on one of these items, please claim it by marking it as in-progress, and provide your email address.

New commands

  • focusminsize
    • Status: documented
  • group
    • Status: documented
  • layout
    • Status: documented
  • mousetrack and defmousetrack
    • Status: documented
  • rendition
    • Status: documented

New features for existing commands

  • bind
  • digraph
    • Now takes additional argument to create/reassign digraphs. Documented.
  • resize
  • sorendition
    • deprecated, use “rendition so” instead. Documented.
  • split
    • -v for vertical splits! Along with functional description, needs caveats about efficiency issues (ok when there's not a lot of scrolling going on; not so much with large, scrolling output). Documented.
  • stuff
    • Now supports an invocation without args; it'll prompt. Documented.
    • There have been changes to the way stuff parses; however, these changes are not backwards-compatible, and will probably be reverted or (better) adjusted. Probably shouldn't document those changes until they've been solidified.
  • windowlist:
    • New “-g” argument. Documented
  • number
    • Support for relative numbering (+ and -). Documented.

Other new features

  • New keybindings in windowlist/group modes documented
  • New copy-mode keybindings documented
  • New “+” argument to the -p commandline option (creates a new window on attach) documented

Pre-existing features that lack documentation

(Since these have never had documentation, they're not a priority, and unnecessary for release. Still, good to call them to attention.)

  • Various special parsing features. Such as $:ti: (try C-a echo $:ti: while running “cat” under screen!)
  • The acladd hack (allowing you to set up screen to accept screen commands sent via escape sequences!)
  • (I'm sure there are plenty of others)

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