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  • source file


Read and execute commands from file file. Source commands may be nested to a maximum recursion level of ten. If file is not an absolute path and screen is already processing a source command, the parent directory of the running source command file is used to search for the new command file before screen's current directory.

Note that termcap/terminfo/termcapinfo commands only work at startup and reattach time, so they must be reached via the default screenrc files to have an effect.


source .screenrc-$HOST

Loads a host-specific .screenrc file. This assumes an environment variable named $HOST, which is not standard on all systems.

bind l source $HOME/layout

Binds the sequence C-a l to load a .screenrc-type file named “layout”. This might set up the display in particular ways. Sourcing a file can be a more convenient way to run several screen commands than using eval.

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