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Special Terminal Capabilities

The following table describes all terminal capabilities that are recognized by screen and are not in the termcap(5) manual. You can place these capabilities in your termcap entries (in /etc/termcap) or use them with the commands termcap, terminfo, and termcapinfo in your screenrc files. It is often not possible to place these capabilities in the terminfo database.

LP (bool) Terminal as VT100 style margins (“magic margins”). Note that this capability is obsolete because screen uses the standard xn instead.
Z0 (str) Change width to 132 columns.
Z1 (str) Change width to 80 columns.
WS (str) Resize display. This capability has the desired width and height as arguments. SunView™ example: \E[8;%d;%dt.
NF (bool) Terminal doesn't need flow control. Send ^S and ^Q direct to the application. Same as flow off. The opposite of this capability is nx.
G0 (bool) Terminal can deal with ISO 2022 font selection sequences.
S0 (str) Switch charset G0 to the specified charset. Default is \E(%..
E0 (str) Switch charset G0 back to standard charset. Default is \E(B.
C0 (str) Use the string as a conversion table for font “0”. See the ac capability for more details.
CS (str) Switch cursor-keys to application mode.
CE (str) Switch cursor-keys back to normal mode.
AN (bool) Turn on autonuke. See the autonuke command for more details.
OL (num) Set the output buffer limit. See the obuflimit command for more details.
KJ (str) Set the encoding of the terminal. See the encoding command for valid encodings.
AF (str) Change character foreground color in an ANSI conformant way. This capability will almost always be set to \E[3%dm (\E[3%p1%dm on terminfo machines).
AB (str) Same as AF, but change background color.
AX (bool) Does understand ANSI set default fg/bg color (\E[39m / \E[49m).
XC (str) Describe a translation of characters to strings depending on the current font. More details follow in the next section.
XT (bool) Terminal understands special xterm sequences (OSC, mouse tracking).
C8 (bool) Terminal needs bold to display high-intensity colors (e.g. Eterm).
TF (bool) Add missing capabilities to the termcap/info entry. (Set by default).

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