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screen Terminology

A screen session is a single collection of windows - all running under a master screen process. The session can be given a name (e.g. myshells). Screen sessions each have their own clipboard, so copy and paste using the session's clipboard works exclusively between windows within that session.
A session can (and often does) contain multiple windows (e.g. one containing a shell, one for mutt, one for irssi, etc.). By default, windows are created with a shell running in them. Each window has a number unique within that session. It also has a name, which does not have to be unique.
A portion of the display where a screen window is visible. The display can be split into multiple regions, so you can see multiple windows at once.
This refers to where the screen session is attached; if being specific, it refers to the terminal or pseudo-terminal used by the attaching process.
display terminal
The terminal to which screen is attached. Often an xterm or console window, but could be any terminal, either physical or software. It is possible to have multiple displays terminals viewing the same screen session at the same time.
virtual terminal
The terminal that screen windows provide to the programs running within them.

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